Ben 10 Skyfall

They say that if you keep honing your skills, you will eventually become great at it. Sure enough, this is what just happened to Ben Tennyson. He keeps on using the Omnitrix to fight some evil guys, so there comes a point in his life where he doesn't need to use the Omtnitrix anymore as all seems to be easy with him. No, those alien threats are as real as can be and they are certainly on top of their game, but Ben is really in a higher level. His years of experience have finally paid off and not he is on top of his game as a hero. Recently, he visited another planet to help them with their problem because they are being invaded. They need someone to help them win their world for them. Ben slips in some rocket boots, armor and a blaster to help them out to show that they can do it too even without special powers.

The game is played via mouse and you need to keep on moving your mouse to avoid getting shot. If you are not using your blaster then it would charge. When it reaches its maximum level then your shot will be more powerful.

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