Ben 10 Xtreme Bike

We all know, how Ben like to put his life in danger. He does it every time, he would save the world form alien threats. While everyone thinks that his courage comes from his powers, the truth is that, he is really brave. In fact, he would often stand up against school bullies before he got the Omnitrix. His only problem is that the bullies always gets the upper hand. Now, when he found the Omnitrix, he used it against the school bullies at one point, but not to the point that he would harm them. He only does that, to embarrass them and nothing more. Ben is that courageous and he chooses the most extreme sports of them all - Extreme Bike. He likes doing stunts with his bike, even though, he hurts himself most of the time, that doesn't stop him from trying.

Ride your bike and try not fell on your back. This game is all about balance. Grab some of the green orbs as you can use them later to unlock other characters. However, collecting them will not be easy as the game is perilous and that will stop you from collecting the green orb. Once, you have enough, just click on the character and you can use that character on the higher levels.

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