Ben 10 Basketball

Ben has been chasing aliens and other bad guys most of the time, but we all know that anyone that isn't playing will live a dull life and becomes boring in the process. It is important to keep our enthusiasm. That is why; whenever Ben has the time, he would play basketball with his friends, but since Ben is left depending the world most of the time, he can't play with his friends. If he has a time, they don't have the time. It becomes complicated, but that won't stop our young hero from enjoying his free time alone. During his free time, he would practice his shot to improve his game. Though, he often misses, he is still persistent to practice. He knows that someday, he would be good at it and when that comes, his friends would be there for him.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to get as much goals with all the 20 balls you have. It would be better to play the practice game, so there won't any time restriction. Set the power of the shot and the how high you want it to be. You will be placed automatically into different positions and that will complicate things. Try to calculate the power of the shot and the location to make the shot counted.

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