Ben 10 Vs Skeleton

They say that everything bad goes out during Halloween. Sure enough, those skeletons are waking up to get the living. It seems that they are not contented on their lives down below and they want some companion. Apparently, those companions will not ever come back to the living. They will forever share the same fate as their skeleton friends. Fortunately, Ben is there to make sure that nothing bad happens to us. He will protect us even if he doesn't have the Omnitrix. He would just rely on some earthly weapon against the undead. Those undead will not have a chance against our Ben 10. They will surely be defeated by the courageous Ben Tennyson.

Defend the fort against the invading skeletons. Make sure to kill all skeleton that are attacking the fort. Try to make every shot counts as ammunition is not unlimited. Once, you survive a level, you will earn money and this will be your chance to buy additional weapons. You will be needing it in the upcoming battles since there will be more and they will be tougher than they used to be. It is better to be prepared than be sorry when they came.

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