Ben 10 Winter BMX

Its winter season and we all know that the road will be covered with snow. Some of the best sports this season are ice skating, snowboarding and anything that has to do with snow. However, that is not the case with Ben Tennyson as he still insists on doing some stunts with his old BMX bike. Sure, the risk is greater since the snow makes the road more slippery than before, but that is what Ben wants. He want to challenge himself so he can be the best. Besides, danger is his middle name. He is always putting himself in harm's way whenever he would fight some of the galaxies evilest villain. Fortunately, he was lucky enough to win against them all.

The game is about Ben trying his luck doing some stunts on his BMX. If you think that this is not easy then you are probably right because you will crash a thousand times before you can perfect this craft. Some of the world's greatest have lots of scar marks on them. Of course, they come up as a winner at the end since they become world champion. Ben intends to do the same. You have two options in this game, either you play the practice game or the championship. The practice game has a time limit of one minute while the championship has no time limit, but you need to get a combined score of 500 points from all your stunts.

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