Ben 10 vs Bakugan Arrow War

Ben 10 and his friend are the best of friends, but when they got into an argument, neither one to concede. Since no one wants to give way, they decided to settle the score in an arrow match. Apparently the game is not like any other friendly arrow competition since the winner comes up alive while the looser is dead. That is how brutal this game. The match will finally determine, which one among them is the superior. This would be a bloody match, but neither one is not known for backing down. Whoever comes up as the winner will not be happy as he had just killed a friend.

The game is played via mouse. You can either choose to be Ben or Bakugan. The mechanics is simple as you just pull the arrow backwards and release it to shoot the arrow. After you have taken your turn, it is the time of your opponent. The rule is obvious as you need to take down the competition as fast as you can or you will be lying down. The wounds that you could inflict on your competition depends on where you land that arrow. As you progress in the game, you and your opponent will be farther apart.

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