Ben 10 Chasedown

The world is in danger as some aliens disguising themselves as humans plan on bombarding some building. They got on some vehicles and now on their way to New York. There is no reasoning with this hostile aliens, so the Plumbers dispatch Ben to intercept them before they can do some harm to people. Ben got on his spy car and is now ready to stop those aliens. He won't be needing the Omnitrix here since his car has a load of weapons that he could use to stop the bad guys. Ben would make sure that these aliens never reach New York.

Dive your car as fast as you can. You'll see an arrow at some point while driving that points to your target. You can crash the target either by bumping into it until it is destroyed or just hit it with a missile. It would be wise to just use your projectile so your life won't be at risk. There are other vehicles in the area that serves as obstacles for your car. Make sure not to hit them, but in any case you can't do that, try to minimize hitting other cars. Collect the omnitrix on the road for additional points. Expect that the higher levels would be a lot harder.

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