Ben 10 Partner Adventure 2

Ben has always survive a lot of dangerous battle with the help from his friends. Some are just normal, but there are those that have their own super powers, which they inherited from their alien parent. It is true that Ben is really powerful, but there are times when his power alone aren't can't match against his enemies and this is the time that Ben relies on his friends. During his battles, he had relied with a lot of friends, but the one friend that he relies mostly is his cousin, Gwen, whom inherited an alien power from their grandmother. Of course, being a half alien means that she can't fully use his full power, but her powers are enough to help Ben win the battle against those tough aliens.

In this game, you would need to control two characters, namely Ben and Gwen. Each of them got their own role that they must do for the mission to be successful and for you to move on to the next level. Be has the power over fire and Gwen has the power over the water. This just mean that they won't die if they touch their elements. The idea here is to collect all the diamonds in a level.

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