Ben 10 Motor Racing with Friends

We all know that Ben has a lot of friends and most of them has something in common with Ben. However, they don't like to fight like Ben, they just wanted to race all the time and have fun doing it. They share the same interest with Ben, so they become friends. They have been friends with Ben for a long time now, that it is easy for them to call one another and gather for a major event. Though, Ben is busy with fighting some aliens, he always make some time for his friends, especially, when he is able to ride bike with them. This time, he would do it with his friends in a friendly race. But, that doesn't mean that he would just let them win because this is just a friendly race.

Ride your bike as fast as you can, but don't forget to jump over the obstacles or you would be frozen for a few seconds. This would result for the other guys to get ahead of you. You can ride your bike by pressing the left and the right arrow key simultaneously. You need to do this as fast as you can so you be on ahead.

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