Ben 10 Hopper

Ben is always relying on his alien transformation to get him out of tough situation, but what if there is no way to access the alien transformation. Can he do anything?

As a challenge for Ben, Grandpa Max said that he shouldn't use his alien powers on this training. He needs to rely on just his own power to be able to reach the finish line. Ben was happy to comply and so the quest began. Unfortunately, the quest was too long that it seems like there are no ending in such quest. Ben continued, even though, he is having a hard time. This would be the hardest quest for Ben even though, he won't be fighting any alien or evil scientist in this quest.

The odds are against Ben in this game as he needs to rely on his own skill. The task is to get as far as possible. The idea here is to jump over some cliff, stones and other obstacles. Your life bar will dwindle if you come in contact with any of the obstacles. The game will be over if the life bar goes down to zero. That is something that you don't want to do and certainly will end the game before you know it.

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