Ben 10 Unicorns Star Race

Most people would probably laugh when someone told them that they saw a legendary monster or even a magical creature. But not Ben, he has seen almost everything in his young life. He had battle different monsters and aliens to save not only the world, but also the galaxy.

On one of his quests, he found a magical island where some magical creatures exists. He then informed his friends and all of them came to see the island Ben was talking about. They are amazed by the beauty of the island, even more were the creatures living in that island. Perhaps, nothing is more beautiful in all the land than a live unicorn. There are lots of unicorn there and they thought of riding the unicorns in a race. They all agreed and soon, they are racing.

The idea of this game is to get to the finish line as soon as possible. At least before any of your friends cross it. There will be lots of obstacles, but you can avoid them by jumping. If an obstacle hits you then you will slow down. Anyway, you would need to be hit several times before the other characters can come up ahead of you.

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