Ben 10 Quad

The quad is one of the world fastest bikes nowadays. It is mostly use in a race and it is fit for doing stunts. However, Ben won't be doing much stunts here since he knows that it is far too early for him, even though he is a daredevil himself. He won't risk his life if he can't do it yet. Maybe, in time, he can perform a stunt with the bike. For now, he would have to be contented with riding it outside and seeing the world with it. He is not that dumb to try his luck with one of the fastest bike in the world. Besides, he can still get some adrenaline pumping with fighting aliens. At least, he could use his alien powers with them.

Ride your bike all the way to the finish line without crashing, that is the idea of the game. Ride your bike as fast as you can and grab those omnitrix on the road for some added points. No, there won't be much to collect here except for the points that you will get from the Omnitirx. However, this game is like practicing your mind to ride the bike without crashing.

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