Ben 10 Kart 3

Ben likes to compete and this is the same reason, why he got so competitive that he doesn't lose to an alien. You can almost say that no one can win against him. Of course, that might be true since he got the powerful device - Omnitrix. However, there are lots of powerful aliens in the galaxy and there will come a time that Ben will be defeated. When that happens, he should not lose hope and learn humility. That way, he could stand back and return to his ways. Grandpa Max so this weakness, so he plans on teaching his grandson some humility though kart racing. He can't do it alone, so he invited Gwen and Kevin to join in the fun.

The game is in a 3d environment, so maneuvering the kart would be a lot harder than before. You can still throw some projectiles at your opponent to slow them down, but that will be hard since the game is in 3d. The whole idea is to stay on the road, so you would keep your running speed. If you get on the grass then your kart will slow down. Anyway, there is a booster sign that will help you propel your kart at top speed.

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