Ben 10 Super Cross

Ben Tennyson pastime is riding his bike. He likes doing it that he had done it for several times already. That is why; if you are going to see him riding on his bike, you might say that he is an athlete. Of course, we all know that he can't be an athlete since he is still busy fighting the alien. He only has a chance to bike when there are no threats. Sometimes, his pastime gives way when the world is in danger. Ben is always looking for his time alone with his bike. If he finds a cliff and there are no threats around, then you would see him riding his bike and showing off. He is a showoff, especially when there are girls around.

However, in this game, he won't be showing off since this is all about good fun riding. Yes, that is despite the complete gear that Ben is wearing in this game. The fun thing about this game is that there are no threats around. Well, except for the cliffs that you need to go through in this game. Grab as many bike parts on the road. Your score will be determined by the number of parts you grab.

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