Ben 10 UA Baseball

We all think that Ben is the greatest in the world and possibly even the galaxy, but the truth is further than that since there are lots of aliens powerful than our favorite hero. Take for instance, Aggregor, who is an osmocian that had absorb other aliens. As an Osmocian, he is already a formidable foe, but when he had absorb the other aliens into him, he becomes a living god. Well, technically something like that. However, Ben was able to find a way to defeat him. Of course, he got some help from his friends, who each got their own power.

Well, at least, you got some background about Aggregor. As the saying goes, a guy that has no play will become too boring, so Aggregor takes time to play with Ben. Of course, this game comes with some added threat to the world. Ben needs to win this for the world. The game is a baseball match and Ben needs to win it for us to be save.

The idea of the game is to hit the ball with the bat. The game is played via keyboard and you need to win and takeover this game, if you want to try the higher level.

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