Ben 10 Vs Bakugan Boxing

Ben Tennyson is competitive boy and would never back down from a fight. As we all knew, he never resisted a fight even those coming from powerful aliens like Vilgax and the likes. Bakugan is also a tough kid with some powers too. The two are equal and both of them seems like to fight. The two got into an argument lately and none of them want to back down from the other, so they settled the argument with a boxing match. They agreed to do it in a boxing ring in about two months time, so both of them can prepare for the coming math ahead of time.

The game is a boxing match between two of the toughest boys in the universe as we all know it. But, you can only choose Ben, so Bakugan will be the computer. The idea here is simple as you just need to make his life bar go down to zero. It might take some time before you can knock him down, but that really doesn't matter as there are no timer in the game. You can choose in three difficulty level in the game. As you progress, expect that Bakugan will be harder to defeat.

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