Ben 10 at the Underworld

Kevin has been in love with Gwen for a long time, but that soon change as something happened and Kevin kidnapped Gwen. He demanded for Ben to give him the Omnitrix. As we all know it, other than Ben, Kevin is the only guy that is capable of using the Omnitrix since the latter can absorb the power of the Omnitrix. He had already done it when they were kids, now it is only a matter of time till he does it again. Ben went on to save his cousin from the hands of his ex-friend. Kevin is in the underworld, so things might be a little harder for Ben.

The underworld is where Ben is heading so expect things to be uneasy for you. Run and collect the Omnitrix symbols to get more points. Try not to land on the acid pit. Blast those robots as they will do the same to you. Try to get to where Gwen is located for you to be able to save her. That won't be easy, but nothing is easy in this world anymore.

Do you think that you are ready for the adventure ahead of you? If you think that you are ready then play the game and find out.

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