Ben 10 Steals a Cake

Ben and Grandpa Max are separated in another town. Grandpa Max has been searching for Ben ever since and he has no plans on stopping. Meanwhile, Ben got hungry and he needs to eat, but he has no money to buy food. When he saw a local bakery, he thought of stealing some cake and exchange it for money. He will do this till Grandpa Max found him. This is the only he can think of to make money. He doesn't care if it is wrong as he will die from hunger if he didn't eat soon. His alien shifting powers can't help him to feed himself, so he needs to depend on his guts of steel to feed himself. He can't be sentimental now and his goal is to feed himself.

The idea here is to steal all the cakes in a level and get the money. It might sound easy, but as you progress further in the game, there will be aliens trying to harm you. You need to avoid them at all cost to be able to get to the cake. Once, you collected all the cakes, you need to get the money and you'll advance to the next round.

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