Ben Fishing Game

Ben is here again and he's enjoying his time. The world seems to be peaceful enough. This would be a perfect time to relax and have some fun. Normally, he would play some sports or ride his bike, but today, he want to do something unusual. He wants to catch some fish and take it home for dinner. At least, he is not just thinking about himself. He want to give some to his grandpa and his cousin. For sure, they would be happy, when Ben catches a lot. They could cook it in several ways and eat as much as they like, but for now, Ben is concentrating to catch lots of fishes.

The idea here is to catch as much fish as you can until there are no time. In the lake, there are lots of fishes that vary of all shapes and size. There are also some junks that you need to avoid catching because those kind of stuffs will get you some deductions on your score. "The score of the catch depends upon the size of the fish that you catch. Lower your line whenever there are fishes under you and reel it up when they take the bite.

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