Run Ben 10 Run

Ben 10 is in another adventure and this time he can't use his omnitrix. It seems to be malfunctioning. He really can use the power of the Omnitrix to change into an alien. The fall could kill him quickly as it is very high. He needs to run to get away from an evil alien. Well, at least till the omnitrix is functioning again. But, for now, he has no choice, but to run as fast as he can and get away from the evil alien. The evil alien have no intention of letting him live.

The game is played via mouse. The characters runs on its own and you can't control him. You'll only chance to stay alive lies on your mouse click. Click the mouse whenever he is on the edge to jump. Try to grab as much of those alien power cells. There are also power cells that would enhance your jump. Try to stay alive as much as possible. If you fall, you need to start from the beginning or the last station you passed. The game will not let you rest as it is a continuous game, meaning that there are no levels in this game.

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