Ben 10 BMX Stunt 2

Ben 10 is back again with his favorite BMX. This time, he more than ready to do more stunts. Of course, there will be no alien threats around, so he could do those stunts. Practically saying, Ben loves biking and since he don't have to worry about aliens ruining his day. He can concentrate on the task at hand, namely biking. His passion for his bike goes back when he was five years old. Now, that he is 10 years old, he is better since he practice a lot. Well, at least, back when he hasn't found the Omnitrix yet. Nowadays, he gets little chance to ride his bike because he is always busy saving the world. Since, this would be a great day to bike, he decided to do some stunts since he is older now.

Ride your bike as fast as you can. You need to get as much momentum as you can so that you can go high enough to perform some stunts. Forget to tell you something about this game, you can play this game based on your chosen mode of game. There are only two mode of game play here, namely "Time Attack" and "Championship". If you're a newbie then try the time attack since you can practice. The championship is recommended for advance players since you need to earn 500 points to win.

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