Ben 10 Robot War

Whenever there is trouble, Ben always reaches for his Omnitrix, which can transform into more than 10 different aliens. However, can he rely just on his omnitrix if there is a war going on. Maybe, he can do that with the human war, but an alien war is far different, so he will need some heavy duty stuff. And none of his alien transformation, can't give that fire power for him. This time, he will need to bring in the big guns. Big guns means robots, which packs in some high powered weapon that he can use again invading aliens. The truth is that, even with such heavy gun, he can't assured winning since the invading aliens are that powerful.

Ride on your robot and try to hit the enemies that are coming along your way. Take note that these enemies will pack in some punches. Also, they don't come one at a time as they will swarm you. You need to move fast to avoid their projectiles. Fortunately, there will be lots of weapon upgrade floating around, so you an add some fire power to your arsenal.

Do you think you can handle the intense battle?

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