Ben 10 Total Battle

Forever Knights are one of the toughest enemies that Ben has and they are really tough because they use alien tech to fight him with. However, the downside of their organization is that they dislike aliens. For them, all aliens are bad and that is why; Ben fights them. Ben fights for the good of the good alien. He don't want to see them gets killed for nothing.

That is the scenario with the Forever Knights, but if they use alien tech and work with the evil aliens, then no one can stop them. For sure, it will be a worldwide threat, perhaps even galaxies would consider them as a threat.

This game is played via mouse and the idea here is to bring down the stacks before the time runs out. This game will for you to think quickly since you would need to blast more than two of the same specie with the same specie to take them down. Of course, you can also blast more than two species with the same specie, but that will be a rare case. You would need a clear vision and make fast decision to play this game. After you have clear all the levels, the computer will asses, who the victor is.

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