Ben 10 Drift 2

This is one of Ben's most awaited event as this is one of his free time, wherein he don't need to fight some aliens. The Plumbers got his back this time, so he can enjoy his time alone for the day. They have the tech and they have lots of weapons that they could use to battle evil aliens. Besides, other aliens are also a member of the said group, so they can also use their abilities to fight for the world. Well, at least for this one day, otherwise Ben will be called to fight.

Ben is glad to have this day as he could use his favorite that he bought from the money that he earned from saving the world. This is just a reward for him for putting his life in danger most of the time. He always heard about drifting and this time, he is confident enough to try it with his car.

The idea of the game is to drift as you cross the finish line three times. The more drifts that you perform, the better score you will have. Also, try to knock down as many cones as you can while drifting.

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