Ben 10: Space Shooter

Ben is sent on a special mission. As much as he likes to use his alien powers, it is no use here since there are too many aliens to fight. This time, he can't defend on his alien device. Fortunately, he is a member of the Plumbers, thus, they gave him some equipment for the job. Also, there won't be any friends to rely on since they are fighting their own battles. They are probably too busy fighting their own battles. Ben needs to rely on his guts and his agility to avoid the enemies.

When the galaxy is threatened, they can call on Ben and other heroes to defend galaxies. Don't think that this would be an easy job for Ben since this is a threat that even other heroes fears. All of the heroes need to do their job if they want to win this one.

The game is played with a mouse and a keyboard. You have different goals on each level. As you kill some aliens, you will see some omnitrix symbols. Grab as many as you can because you can use it to buy some upgrades later in the game. You can play the same level over and over again to easily buy some upgrades for the higher levels.

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