Ben 10 Winter Ride

We all know that Ben likes his motorbike. He rides it whenever, there is a time for him to enjoy it. Of course, we do understand that Ben is the hero that fights aliens trying to invade the world. That is why; he can't always ride his bike. Most of the time, he is called in whenever there are alien activities, but at times where there are no alien threat, he can relax to his hearts content. But, relaxing is not his forte, he use the time he have to finally enjoy his time with his bike. As much as Ben would like to try some stunts during winter, he just can't do that since the road is too slippery and doing stunts on a icy road is suicidal even for him.

Ride your bike as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Grab some stars while you are at it because it will add some points to your score. Enjoy the game as you like because there are no need to hurry as the game doesn't have a timer. On a final note, you take the ride easy since the game is very easy, just remember that you can't balance your bike from left to right.

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