Ben 10 Air War

When the aliens began invading the world, Ben can't use his omnitrix because they are too many, besides, they also got their own special ability and they are too many. Fortunately, he got the Plumbers on his side and they are ready to fight alongside him. They gave Ben a ship to fight the invading aliens with. The ship is really fast and can outrun any other ship that would cross its path. Ben is now ready for an all out air combat. He would need some help, but that won't come till the last minute, so for now, it is all up to Ben to save the world.

The game is played via mouse, so use the mouse as fast as you can, to avoid any projectiles that are thrown at you. Your ship will also take damage if you hit an enemy ship, so try to avoid contact with them at all cost. The idea of the game is to collect the required watch on air. Once you have done that, you are up to the next level. Shoot down those enemies for some added points to your score. Once, your life bar equal zero the game is over.

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