Ben 10 Jeep 2

It's a good day, but don't worry as you don't need to die. This is a good day for Ben since there are no alien activities. Well, probably, there is, but not a threat to mankind. And since, there are no alien threat, this is the day that Ben would definitely like. He hop on the his jeep and went on a trip. No, this is not one of those high-tech vehicles that he uses most of the time as this is just a normal jeep. This is a time for him to take a ride and enjoy the air passing him by as he drives his jeep. He hasn't done this for the longest time because of all his alien activities.

Drive your jeep as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. The path ahead is a mountainee road, so you need to take that extra safe precautions to arrive at your destination safely. Grab those omnitrix on the road while you are at it to get more points. This is not a time restricted game, but you will surely benefit from getting to the finish line early as you will get more points.

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