Ben 10 Vs Alien Race

Ben 10 has been interacting with alien most of his life and now, he have made some friends with them. Not all aliens are bad; some of them are good too. Like human, there are bad and good aliens, you just need to find out who are you supposed to be friends with. As a rule of a thumb, those trying to conquer or destroy are the bad aliens that you must stay away with. In Ben's case, those are the ones that he needs to battle. Recently Ben was invited to a friendly race. The price is not that much, but knowing Ben; he wouldn't miss this because the race was a motorbike race and he likes motorbike.

Ride on your bike and make sure that you stay ahead of the alien. No, you don't need to cheat as this game is an honest racing game. Try to keep your balance, so you won't be tumbling down. The race ends once you tumble down. Also, when you lose to the alien. Grab some stars while you are at it, because it will add some points to your score.

Do you think that you can finish the game? The game has five different level, which you need to win.

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