Ben 10 Power Balls

Ben Tennyson has been fighting alien most of the time. And it is just normal for him that to go to a far away world, where no one seems to know him. Anyway, he is not that well known as some people don't actually know him. He is already use to that, but nothing can prepare him when he got into an extra-dimension, where he can't use his alien watch. Fortunately, there are no alien threats here, but his life is pretty much in danger as there are dragons here.

The idea of the game is to collect all the balls in the level before you can go to another level. You don't need to battle the dragon as you can't actually. Just stay away from it and all will go well. Gather all the balls. Most of the balls are blue, but there are some gold balls, which you will need to get because they are special. There are also keys that will open the door to another dimension within the same level. Try to save as much life as you can as you will get more points in exchange of that. The game will be a lot harder as you progress in the game

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