Ben 10 UA Funny Match

As usual, Ben always went to his friends when the going gets tough. No, it is not that he can't handle a problem alone, but this time, things are a lot worse than before. Some of the world's villain have join in together to stop the heroes. if the heroes won't unite like the villains just did, they won't stand a chance against the villain. As we are speaking, Ben's Omnitrix is gone as it has been stolen by Mojo JoJo. Soon, Aggregor will unleash an army powered by the Omnitrix. Ben needs to train the heroes he formed to prepare for the invasion. No one can stop the invasion, but the heroes, so it is vital that the team gets ready through the training.

The game is played via mouse. You need to click on the character, so that it would prepare to catch the ball. Once, you click the character, it will catch the ball as the ball launches. Look at the marker to where the ball will be launch. Try to catch all the balls till the end of time. There are some bonus that will appear on the screen and you need to click on it quickly before it disappears to claim it.

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