Ben 10 Jet Mission

When the alien invasion began, Ben's power is not much of a help since there are too many enemies. Now, more than ever, they need a ship that will fight the invading ships. They need a ship that is loaded with weapons. Ben will not be fighting alone as the Plumbers and the world will be fighting alongside him. Though, Ben's ship is really strong, it is only one, thus, he can't engage all the invading ship trying to decimate the human race. Earth is now fighting a war with no assurance of winning, but rest assure that Ben together with the Plumbers and the World Government will do all the thing that they can to win.

In this game, there are no Omnitrix that will transform Ben into one of those alien heroes. There is only a ship that will control to fight the game. The idea here is to get to the finish line, but the fuel is not enough to do that, you need to grab those Omnitrix symbols for they serve as fuel for this game. You need to reach the finish line before your time is over. However, that won't be easy as you will be facing lots of enemy ships.

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