Gwen Heroine Hoops

By now, we all know, who Ben is, but what about the other characters of the cartoon series. Ben won't be able to win against those alien without some of the characters' help. Without them, Ben will surely be defeated a long time ago. Let's talk about Gwen in this game and her hobby. Like his cousin, Ben, Gwen is also a toughie. She also likes to be challenged and come up as the winner. She got her own power since she is a half alien- half human, but that is not the focus on this game. This is about his basketball skills.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to get as much score as you can till there is time. You need to make sure that the ball goes in the ring to make it count. Some hoops are special because they will help you to score more. You can freeze the time, make the whole bigger, get more ball, make ring movement slower, get more points in a hoop, and many more. That is what you can do with this hoop game. The game will not stop till the time ends, so you need to keep on going till there are time left.

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