Ben 10 Zombies Halloween

No one knows what happened that day, but the dead has come back to life and is haunting the living. They are feeding on the flesh on the living and turning the living into one of them. Soon, the whole town was infected, thus, Halloween is more than trick or treat. Now, the ghouls are out to feed and no one can stop them. At least, most of the people can't come out, but is not like everyone else since he have fought countless aliens' before. A few zombies wouldn't scare him. Ben would never let the zombies enter his town. He would keep on fighting till the last zombies are dead.

The zombies are attacking, but you don't need to fear as you are Ben and Ben isn't afraid of anything. In this game, you will fighting against the undead. You won't be using the alien watch, but you will be relying on guns. Don't worry too much about the ammunition as there are lots of ammunition falling from the sky. There will also be some life to replenish your life with. As you progress in the game, there will be lots of tougher zombies, but that is not a reason to be afraid as the weapons will be a lot stronger too.

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