Ben 10: Zombies War

The end of the world is here. Well, at least, it looks like it as the dead arises from the ground and is feeding on the living. Each person they kill becomes one of them. Soon the whole world was overrun by zombies. Some of the survivors starts fighting back, but the enemies are too many. Fortunately, there is Ben to save the day. As much as he likes to use his alien powers, it is no use. They will only bite him and turn him into one of them. This time, he will need to rely on the guns.

The game is played via mouse. Point the cursor to where you want to fire. The zombies will swarm you, so you need to act quick in shooting them. Otherwise, they can come close to you and start feeding on you. You don't want that as your life will dwindle down quickly. There will be no other gun here, but the gun that you are using. Luckily, the ammo is unlimited and you don't even have to reload to refill the barrel. This is a one level game, so don't expect to play more after that.

Are you ready for the zombies?

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