Ben 10 Hero Hoops

Ben is a busy guy and also one of the bravest guy in the galaxy. Not only, he is busy saving the world, but also the other worlds. Because of this, he become quite known around the galaxy. He even found a new buddy in the name of Brook. An alien with a tail of a squirrel. Though, Brooks might not have special powers, he is quite adept in using his gun. Also, his gun can change shapes and uses. Anyway, both of them like getting sweat, but there are no action everyday, so they play basketball whenever there are no threats. But, there are simply times when Brook is away and Ben got nothing to do. This is the time Ben tries to improve his shooting skills as he want to defeat Brooks in their match.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to shoot the ball in the ring. There will be lots of ring that passes by. Each ring has there own set of points, but there are six special ring that will help you to score more. There are no levels in this game as the game keep going as long as there is time left.

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