Ben 10 Helicopter

Megawatt is on the loose again and he will stop at nothing till the town is destroyed. Fortunately, Ben is nearby and he understand the danger if Megawatt can't be stop. However, his Omnitrix is broken and need some repair. For now, he needs to rely on himself to take on Megawatt. He was able to spot a mini-copter that he could use to battle megawatt. And it looks like that is all what he needs to stop the alien menace. Ben hop in the copter and start piloting the small aircraft. Good thing, that he has some practice in the Plumber's base or he can't control the copter.

The game is played via mouse, so the movement will be a lot easier. Shoot those Omnitrix that is coming your way. Once, that you shoot it down, it will transform into a tablet that you will need to collect. Each tablet that you collect means more points for you. When you finally catch up to Megawatt, he will continuously throw some omnitrix at you. Like the other omnitrix, you need to shoot it so you can collect the tablet. Shoot down Megawatt till he is no more. There are no power-ups in this game.

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