Ben 10 Gravity

We always see Ben Tennyson as he fights countless alien. When he was a kid, he uses the omnitrix to fight the alien on land, but as he grows up he is becoming an expert in what he does. Also the fact, that his alien collection are growing since he is scanning more alien DNAs on his OMnitrix. By scanning the alien DNA, he is able to transform into that alien. Because of this, he becomes famous and his reputation reaches other galaxies. With his growing reputation, he is often called to solve some problem in other galaxies. Since we are talking about galaxies, we should be aware that the gravity there are different from ours.

This game demonstrate what is like to fall from the sky. Ben is like a toy here as he can't move without you moving him to anywhere you would like. The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to let Ben fall from the sky. No, the game doesn't stop if Ben falls as the whole idea of the game is for Ben to keep on falling. There are Ben 10 globe all over and you need to make sure that nothing will stop Ben from falling.

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