Ben 10 Super Penalty

Like anyone else, Ben also like sports. Ben is just a kid with a power and he wants to make friends with everyone else, except the bad guys. Anyway, he is always busy with fighting evil aliens most of the time, but when he get some break, he use it do whatever he likes. He likes bikes, fishing, basketball and soccer. Most of the time, he can't find some friends to play with since he is too busy and when he do get a day off, most of his friends are busy doing something else. That is why; time is important for him and he would never miss a chance to play his friends when they want to play and he got free time.

In this game, you would play as Ben in a soccer match. Well actually, not a whole game of soccer as the game is all about penalty. The idea here is to kick the ball in the net. But, that won't be easy as there will be the goalkeeper to make sure that you won't score. The game is played via mouse and the whole action in the game is controlled with a mouse.

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