Ben 10 Vs Robots

Ben Tennyson is always out fighting aliens and this is the same reason, why he can't play most of the time. His friends love to play with him, but he just don't have the time to play with them. Actually, what he does is not a duty, but he is doing it anyway since he have the power and he felt obligated to help the weak, even if it is an alien that is in danger. But, Ben is still a boy and wants to play. Since, trouble is always there, he brings his toy with him whenever he can. One day, while he was playing with his skateboard, the Plumbers called him and told him to investigate a robot activity. He thought of bring the skateboard with him, so he can use it on his mission. At least, find a way to use it somehow.

Ben can't use his alien transformation in this game, so you need to avoid contact with any enemy. Grab those Ben 10 coins while moving forward. Beware of those robots as they will be moving and you can't destroy them. All you can do here is to jump, so you need to jump over the robots and hope that you won't land on them. If you land on the robot then one of lives will be gone. And when you lose all your life then the game is over.

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