Ben 10 Big Battle

In one episode, Ben was with his Grandpa Max, his cousin Gwen and another kid with an alien power. They were supposed to be on a vacation. Unfortunately they were attack by Ben's enemies. Somehow, it was all coordinated and the attack left them with no choice, but to seek shelter in one of the Plumber's base. Unfortunately, one of their enemies know the secret base just like Grandpa Max. He was one of his colleague back in the old days. This guy turned bad and started selling alien tech to the highest bidder. Grandpa Max was the one that arrested him and now he is up to settle a score with Ben's grandpa.

First, the computer will turn you into an alien werewolf to let you fight the enemies in level one. Whenever you hit an enemy, your power gets refilled. Once, that the power bar is filled, you can now use your alien power. Grab some sumo slammo because three slammo is equivalent to 1 life. Smash some boxes because sometimes they hold some valuable items. Whenever, your life bar is low, grab those yellow orb to refill your life bar. Aside from beating enemies, you can also refill your power bar by grabbing the green orb.

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