Ben 10 Robot Invasion

Ben is always at war with the evil aliens, but there is something that we are missing here. Aliens aren't the only ones that are trying to do harm to the whole galaxy. Sometimes, there are corrupted robots that causes trouble for the galaxy. Fortunately, Ben is there to stop them from doing harm to anything on their path. The robots only want one thing and that is to eliminate anything organic, meaning that they will kill only all living things. It doesn't matter if it is humans or aliens as they want to rule over the galaxy. Ben will not be alone in this fight as both humans and alien will be on his side fighting for the greater good of the two species.

You can't use the Omnitrix in this war, but you will be using a raygun that can recharge on its own. You just need to wait a few seconds for it to recharge and you are up to go battle the robots again. There won't be anything falling from the sky, so you need to rely on your battle skills. To make it short, you need to avoid being hit as your life bar will not be replenish by anything. Also, there won't be anything to help you with. Just keep on moving on, since the robots will just keep on coming even if, you are not walking.

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