Four Arms Vs Vilgax Box

Ben and Vilgax has been a rival ever since Vilgax come back. Vilgax was out of commission for a long time as his body was shattered from the explosion on his ship. He was lucky to survive, but the explosion rendered his body shattered. He was treated in a capsule and was giving orders to his robots to brin back the omnitrix. One day, it fell on Earth and Ben was close to it. Ben come in possession of the alien watch and soon enough, he learned how to use it properly. Vilgax sent a lot of robots to retrieve it, but it was no match against Ben 10. He also send some assassin, but again, all of them are simply defeated by a mere boy. When Vilgax's body was fully healed, he challenged Ben to boxing match to finally settle their difference.

This is a boxing match between Ben and Vilgax. Ben transform into Four Arms to match the strength of Vilgax. The idea of this game is to defeat Vilgax in a boxing match. You need to box against Vilgax and try not to be knock out in a fight. The game will be a lot harder as you progress in the game.

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