Ben 10: Cross the Hell

Ben's life is always in danger whenever he battles either the aliens or some evil villains that want to do some harm to either race. Anyway, he uses his alien power to overcome adversities. And he always come up in the end as the winner. It can almost be said that nothing can defeat him. He has already proven time and time again. When he grows up, he not only protects the world, but also the galaxy from any threats. His adventures proves him to be formidable, but is this enough for him to escape hell. At one point in his life, he was trapped in hell and there is no alien powers that he can rely on. Apparently, his Ultimatrix doesn't work in the underworld.

To get out of hell, he would need to jump from one platform into another till he makes it to the finish line. If his calculation is a little off then that would be the end of him. The game is played via mouse and you need to calculate the distance of the platform. if you fall into the river of fire then you lose one of your lives. The game ends when all your lives are gone.

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