Ben 10 Gold Miner

Some might say that they know Ben Tennyson and they probably know him as one of the best bet against aliens, but how about what he does during his spare time. Besides, alien doesn't always attack daily. For sure, there will be some times when they won't attack and this is the time for Ben to have some fun or to do something worthwhile aside from playing. Ben might be young, but he sure have that willingness to become rich someday. Ben is doing what he can, to buy all the things that he want and he won't wait till he become old. Right now, Ben is in the minefield and he is looking for some valuable metals.

The idea of the game is collect some valuable rocks. The value of each rocks differ according to their kind and size. Of course, the bigger ones sell high. Gold is still the most valuable, but once in a while, there are ruby that are up for grab. And they sell much higher than gold. Grab some sack buried on earth as they will boost your grappling power. Grabbing those precious stone won't be a hassle since you can easily take it to the surface faster than it is already is.

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