Ben 10 Humongous Run

Alien have different power and that makes Ben Tennyson one of the most powerful beings in the world. We can almost assume that nothing can make him run like hell. However, there are lots of powerful being in the galaxy and we don't know what they can do, so assuming that nothing can make him run like hell even if he can transform into different alien is not a safe bet. Let's say it is nothing alive, but when you see a huge alien running like crazy, it is something serious that he can't overpower. Ben transformed into Humongosaur, but his power is not enough to overcome the adversities he is facing, so needed to run.

In this game, we will see Humongosaur run as fast as he can. Ben can't transform into a different alien since he don't have the time to do so. The idea of the game is keep running. Humongosaur must not fell off the cliff or the game ends. There will be lots of giant animals on his path, but don't bother with them since they can't harm you. Just concentrate with the jumping part since the character runs on its own and it is your job to make sure that he won't fell off the cliff.

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