Ben 10 Galactic Challenge

When Ben first found the Omnitrix, it gives him the ability to transform into 10 different aliens. Soon enough, he master all the aliens inside the Omnitrix. With the Omnitrix on his control, he become formidable. At least, he thought that he mastered the Omnitrix already, but the truth is that he was able to use only half of the power of the alien device. What makes the alien watch even more impressive is the fact that it could store more alien DNA inside its storage. With the new alien DNA, Ben can transform into more than 10 aliens.

The games lets you change into more than 10 different aliens at a time. But, like the cartoon version, you can only change into one alien at a time. You need to finish one level to unlock another level. You will start with Swampfire and pretty soon, you will be unlocking more alien quest after quest. Each quest will be different and will vary to the individual powers of each alien. There are no time limit in the game, but the time will be recorded as you will get more pints for finishing early. Before each quest, the power of a particular alien will be noted.

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