Ben 10 Ultimate Defense

Ben now got the Ultimatrix that enables him to transform into the ultimate form of his alien heroes. Using their ultimate forms, Ben becomes one of the greatest heroes the galaxy could ever have, but that doesn't mean that he is indestructible. It just make him more powerful than the other aliens for a short period of time, but that is enough since the ultimate form is really great. When Ben's enemies starts forming an alliance, Ben knew that it is time for his ultimate forms. Without it, there is no way that Ben could survive a few minutes in battle with them.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to place a turret wherever an alien attack could occur. You'll start with just one alien, but eventually, you can control different types of alien. Each alien got their own super power that could be useful. It is not advisable to put all the types of alien. It would be better if you can choose which alien you should use. That way, you can minimize the use of omnitrix. Omnitrix falls from the sky and you would need it to erect a tower. The Super Slammo are good for upgrading.

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