Ghostfreak Revenge - PInball Cannonbolt

Ghostfreak was one of Ben favorite alien transformation, but what Ben didn't realize that time is that old DNA is somehow alive on its own. Little he know that it will take form someday without him calling for it. Before long, Ghostfreak materializes and took control of Ben. Ben was lucky enough to destroy Ghostfreak, but the latter promised to be back someday. Of course, Ben has prepared for it since he found out that Ghostfreak can't took control of his body if he is transformed into another alien. When Ghostfreak again materializes, Ben uses Cannonbolt to battle the ghost.

This game is a pinball game, wherein you need to make sure that Cannonbolt won't fell down. You need to hit it with everything you got. Just like a real pinball game, the idea here is to make as much score as you can till you don't have life anymore. Everything has points in this game and staying alive is the best way to make more points. Stinkfly would be here, but you won't see him as all that will be his participation is his sticky saliva, which will be your best defense. Of course, you will have to battle Ghostfreak and his minions throughout the game and you need to knock them out with Cannonbolt.

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