Ben 10 Cannon Rush

Ben likes all his alien transformation, but everyone got their own favorite and one of his favorite is Cannonbolt. Sure, the other alien transformation might be much more powerful than Cannonbolt, but there are times that the alien ball becomes the best choice in battling enemies. Aside from its cool power, the alien ball is the one of the cutest transformation. When Ben were surrounded by his enemies, he changed into Cannonbolt to battle them. He knows that this is the best choice for him since it can move faster and its armor are that strong. Besides it can protect anyone that he is trying to protect while inside the ball.

The idea of the game is to keep on going. Your score will be based on how far you have gone too. Your character will keep on running and you need to make sure that it won't fell off the cliff. Your only action will be to jump. You need to jump at the right time or your character will fell off the cliff. Destroy the walls that blocks your way and kill any enemy that tries to slow you down.

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